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July 17, 2013
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Sanctum Reference: Shapeshifter #100, Io by AkitheFrivolicious Sanctum Reference: Shapeshifter #100, Io by AkitheFrivolicious

My partner :iconkirrw:'s reference:…
Her Audition:…

FINALLY DONE. Uguu. I made it a lot less cluttered but it's still pretty wordy. Sorry @_@ I tend to ramble I suppose.
Fun fact: She talks like a Portal 2 Turret but is tone deaf and cannot sing. Hurr. Anyway. Here goes nothing.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Io talks in the 3rd person.

Io (pronounced eye-oh, like the letters I and O)

HP 200 (regenerates 5 hp every 15 seconds rested)
STR Medium
SPD Very High
STA High
INT Very Low

Female externally. She has no internal female composition to technically count as such.

Unknown. Suspected early to mid-twenties. (She was 6 when she was first captured)

Before Tlocan adaptation, a half-Mysidian, half Human. After Tlocan Adaptation, a Nanite-constructed Android built to be an intensely research-focused Artificial Intelligence. In laymen’s terms, a robot made of a bunch of other little robots.

170 centimeters/ 5 feet 7 inches

81.6 kilograms / 180 pounds

Io came into existence as the last in a series of experimental ‘limitless’ Shapeshifting Androids created by the Tlocan Empire. Because she was the latest model, she was the first subjected to experimental ‘upgrades’, ranging from exploring a Shifter’s potential to regenerate damaged Nanites to the ability to hover. These updates have caused her to become addicted to scientific research, seeking out answers at whatever cost, even at the risk of her own life.

Due to an ‘incident’ of selfish actions, she has been expelled from the Tlocan army and labeled a traitor. Her most recent days have been spent as a captive to the After Earth Rebels, rendered functionally useless by a Neutralizer disc that keeps her from using any of her upgrades, including her ability to float, shift, and fight. Her behavior has also drastically improved. She is much more sedated and prone to attempt ‘human activities’. But suppression cannot always contain the unwilling.

Arriving in Sanctum will remove any effects left by the Neutralizer, including fighting abilities and her natural destructive personality.

Io’s entire body - hair included - is composed of billions of Nanites. Nanites - tiny hive-minded robots no bigger than the head of a needle - that are programmed around a central core which is fitted with Io’s personality and ‘survival instincts’. The Nanites respond to exterior situations and threats appropriately, be it making Io appear grotesque, to helping her escape in a hopeless situation. More often than not, she will stay and fight. The added mass of Io’s flowing hair gives her a more elaborate array of Shapeshifting choices, as well as a deadlier range.

Io fights with speed and distracting tactics until she is able to use deadly force. Her hair is her primary weapon, able to support her weight and up to an additional 150 pounds. Her hair is also incredibly durable - though the threads are finer than silk individually, they are still made from an incredibly hard to cut alloy. She can use her hair to stop bullets approaching, as well as to stop her body while she is in mid-air. She is a ruthless combatant and can sustain a high amount of damage, but the more damage she takes, the slower she becomes as her body attempts to regenerate itself. It will take consumed food and uninterrupted rest to fully recover (Being an Android, she’s never had to consume food before, so she may not recognize this feature.)

NOTE: Her hair, though her greatest asset, can also be her downfall. If her hair is cut, the severed end will immediately turn to glass and shatter upon impact. It takes at least a day for her hair to regrow, and until it does, she will not be able to use any of her abilities.

She is made to specialize in fantastical Shapeshifting with an emphasis on the unnatural and terrifying. Though she is meant to be able to shift into skeletal beasts and demons, she’d much rather just change the appearance of her face to frighten NPC’s and other contestants.

Io is insatiably sociable and borderline insane. Her formatted sweet and enthusiastic nature makes her nearly impossible to ignore, and no NPC nor player will be left unmet. This does not mean that all of her actions will be friendly or pleasant. She has little regard for the well-being of Sanctum’s NPC’s, and will not hesitate to kill them should they have something she wants. Because of her eagerness for social interaction, Io can come off as pushy, and will not hesitate in entrapping other players or NPC’s that she enjoys the company of within her hair. She will parade around with said people until she finds herself bored or distracted by something new. She has a particular fascination for other Androids and A.I.

On a more important note, Io is unable to actually relate to humans. She cannot feel empathy, compassion, or love. She cannot tell hot from cold, or taste foods, or smell baked goods. But she is no stranger to fear or to pain. Pain is a very real thing to her, and she is very afraid of it.

Io is easily entertained and on rare occasion subdued by the sound of vocal music. She is tone deaf and cannot produce a melody without causing those around her to cringe.

-Her eyes are white, but she is not blind. She has infrared and heat vision when fully rested.
-She is very fast.
-Her hair is very sharp and stabby.
-She can shapeshift.
-She has no human emotions, so she is immune to begging.

-If her hair is severed in combat, she will lose her powers.
-The brooch on her chest is what keeps her body humanoid. If damaged, she will become a shapeless cloud of swarming nanites.
-She has no human emotions, so she can’t relate to others.
-She gets tired if she's damaged too much.

-She has no extra items, but will periodically rob NPC's to steal their garments. She likes flowing dresses especially.
-When she shapeshifts into a wraith or a banshee, she can let out a piercingly loud shriek that can stun or deafen opponents.

Theme:… Glittering Cloud by Imogen Heap.

Okayalldone. If you want to see more Io, you can find some of her original doodles over here:…

Thanks for reading C:

Art & Io (c) :iconakithefrivolicious:
Extra characters are :icondragol:'s July and :iconkirrw:'s #6 and Key.
Tloca/Tlocans Concept (c) :iconmogett:
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ZombiePirateWK Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
She's like a friendlier Marceline.
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ZombiePirateWK Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
From Adventure Time... Marcy? The Vampire Queen?
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I alos really like characters with white hair but I guess you know that already owo
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Thankyouverymuch >v< And YES oDo
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